Aruba – Load Balancing / ARM

Here are some helpful wireless settings that are particularly useful in deployments where there are dense amounts of clients logging in at the same time.

When lots of clients are connected at the same time e.g. in a school, the AP does not immediately start to load balance them as it waits 30 seconds to evaluate each time. The setting is Spectrum Load Balancing Update Interval. Set this at a low level such as 2 seconds and the hand off should be really fast.

This setting is in RF Management > Radio Profile

Secondly, a problem in some places is that by default ARM is client aware and will not change channel if a client is connected. If there’s a device that is always connected this can cause channel issues with APs interfering with each other as they were not allowed to change. I would recommend changing this setting unless you’re using VoIP over your wireless.

This setting is in the ARM profile:

Here’s a link to the Aruba ARM Collateral. It’s good stuff.