Forgotten Password Woes

There’s nothing worse that urgently needing access to an application but being refused access due to forgotten password! I know, I know this should always to documented but sometimes you will gain ownership of an issue where the password is not known or just forgotten.

Disclaimer: I know there are many things worse really but it’s pretty annoying nonetheless

Here are a couple of ways to reset passwords which you may otherwise find difficult to reset. I’ll try to update this from time to time with more applications.


  1. Open a command prompt on the server where you want to change/reset the caroot password.
  2. In the command prompt browse to the drive where you have ARCServe installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\CA\…)
  3. Once in the ARCServe folder type in the following: cstop
  4. This will stop the ARCServe services that are running.
  5. When all services are stopped open the Windows Explorer and browse to the folder:

C:\Program Files\CA\BrightStor ARCserve Backup\Data\Discovery

Here you will find a folder that has the name of your server.

  1. Rename this folder. (Don’t delete it as you can always change the name back if there are issues)
  2. Back in the command prompt type in the following: cstart
  3. This will start the ARCServe services that were stopped in item 4.
  4. Still in the command prompt type in the following: Authsetup/p “password” where “password” is what you want the new password to be.
  5. Close the command prompt and try to open ARCServe with the new password.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.x

  1. Login to your SQL server where your ePolicy Orchestrator DB is located.
  2. Execute the following query to create a user called epoadmin with a password of epoadmin.

INSERT INTO [dbo].[OrionUsers]
(Name, AuthURI, Admin, Disabled, Visible, Interactive, Removable, Editable)
VALUES (‘epoadmin’,’auth:pwd?pwd=7LTSeirrzM8EjqttaozV4cSiPGQWi8w3′,1,0,1,1,1,1)


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Password Woes

  1. Nicely done the mcafee one. I’m not a pro in sql so I was just editing the cell, replacing the value with a hash of a password i knew… but your script is more elegant 🙂

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